The gatew to hope and love

lt is dark all around me .the night has fallen. all that l see
appears black and grey. the path is lam looking for adoor.
The door is closed.
Suddenly l see another door that is ajar. slowly lopen it.
Warm, stricking colours in tinges of ancient Byzantium-
Warm ochre, yellow and red- come to me. l see lovers
clinging together in a loving emdrace. Tenderly his dig slim
hands are holding her.She looks at him with her big oval
eyes, radiant with love. Eyes that beam with emotion, joy,
happiness and hope. Luscious fruits are abundantly piled
up, ripe to be eaten. A candle flickers. Injustice and
wretchedness do not appear to exist here, Peacefully and
harmoniously man and woman, and animal, live together.
I would like to stay, but I must return. The door l set ajar,
allowing myself to have a look from time to time at this
colourful paradise,the paradise of saad ali